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  • Vintage Inspired Rose Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Vintage Inspired Rose Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Rose Cut Decisions

    Rose cut moissanites are a captivating and elegant choice for those seeking a distinctive and vintage-inspired look. My clients knew from the start of their custom project that this was exactly the stone and cut they wanted.

    They just had one tough decision ahead of them..

    Which size should they should go with?

    It can be difficult to know how different carat sizes will translate to someones finger. Modern Goldsmith is an online retailer with no showroom (future goals?). Naturally, some people are nervous about picking a stone without seeing it first in person. One thing to keep in mind however is that many "local" jewelry stores are limited in the options that they have available to showcase. For example, you might be lucky to find a moissanite locally.. but a rose cut moissanite? Rare. Your wish of comparing many different size options of rose cut moissanite? Now you're really pushing your luck.

    The simple solution I came up with was to get my wife involved. I had her model three different sizes of rose cut moissanites on her finger, and these images were then sent to the client. I was told this was extremely helpful in their decision on which size to go with.

    The winning size? 1.07 carat, or 8mm. 

    Important clarification: "Carat" is a weight measurement, and because rose cut stones are completely flat, they naturally weigh less than traditional brilliant cuts. When a client is interested in rose cut, I have them focus on the millimeter size, rather than carat. In choosing an 8 mm stone, the client is getting the look of a 2 carat, when in actuality it is half that weight. 

    vintage inspired rose cut moissanite engagement ring with accent diamonds and milgrain


    Project Specifications


    MAKECharles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite

    SHAPE: Round Rose Cut

    CARAT WEIGHT: 1.07ct (with top appearance of 2 carat)


    CLARITY: Eye-Clean

    GRADING REPORT: None. Authenticity and Warranty Card from Charles & Colvard.

    Ring Details

    STYLE: Vintage-inspired engagement ring with graduating accent diamonds down the sides, a hidden halo underneath, and milgrain touches.

    METAL TYPE: 14K Yellow Gold

    ACCENT DIAMOND CARAT WEIGHT: approx. 0.25 cttw.

    TOP WIDTH (Band): 3.0 mm

    BOTTOM WIDTH: 2.0 mm

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