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  • Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire With Claw Prong Setting

    2 carat princess cut diamond with accent diamonds

    The Princess Cut

    This custom jewelry project was unlike many others in one big way—the shape of the center stone. Princess cut diamonds are not something that I get the privilege of setting very often. In my anecdotal experience, many couples seem to be opting for more traditional cuts like rounds or ovals. Princess cut certainly was popular in the past, but I haven't been seeing it as much lately. When my client reached out and specifically asked for princess cut, my excitement shot up a bit. That is one of the things I love about this career as a goldsmith—there is always variety in the work. 

    Princess cut diamonds are relatively "new" having been invented in the 1960s. This modern cut was developed to create a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners, offering a contemporary and stylish alternative to other diamond cuts.

    Princess cut diamonds are very brilliant, which means they show off a lot of sparkle. This cut usually has between 50 and 58 facets. When deciding between a round brilliant and a princess cut, some people might choose princess, due to the fact that they look slightly larger to the naked eye. This has to do with the fact that there is more surface area on the top of the stone. 

    Diamond Specifications

    MAKE: Lab-Grown Diamond (Note: Lab-Grown diamonds are 100% chemically and visually identical to those mined in the earth.)

    SHAPE: Princess Cut

    CARAT WEIGHT: 2.02 ct.

    COLOR: E


    CUT GRADE: Excellent

    GRADING REPORT: International Gemological Institute

    princess cut diamond solitaire made in platinum 4 claw prongs

    Ring Details

    STYLE: Diamond solitaire with a 4 claw prong setting. Graduating accent diamonds.

    METAL TYPE: Platinum

    ACCENT DIAMOND CARAT WEIGHT: 1.20 ct (Ring is 3.22 cttw)

    TOP WIDTH (Band): 3mm

    BOTTOM WIDTH: 2.5mm


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