Custom Orders

UPDATE 01.01.23

This year I will be pouring my creative energy into YouTube and making my own jewelry designs, available for purchase on this website.

Due to time constraints, custom jewelry projects will only be considered for budgets of $8,000 or larger.

If this is you, email your idea to

Note: You can modify my existing products! It's not full custom, but it gives you some creative liberty. Please see the "Special Orders" section under the product you wish to modify.

I look forward to creating beautiful jewelry and entertaining video content for you all. 

With gratitude, Jordan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Orders: All the products on my website can be special ordered with different materials. For example, If you like a ring style but want a larger stone. Please contact us at

Custom Orders: Making something from scratch out of thin air, based on nothing but our beautiful imaginations. This process takes a lot more of my time, thus the $8K minimum budget requirement. Please contact us at

For either special orders or custom, the typical lead time is 4-6 weeks. I am happy to accommodate special timelines if agreed upon in advance.

First off, thank you for taking the time to do that. I loved the application idea. It was meant to be a way for me to hear more about my clients and the special materials they wanted to use for a jewelry project.

The problem with this plan, there were a lot of you. Restyle jobs take a lot of time and it quickly became clear to me that my schedule could not accommodate the demand.

Sliver of hope: I still love restyle projects. I will return to them at some point in the future, and if you submitted an application already, your submissions will be the first to be reviewed when that time comes.

This type of project falls under restyle and is not currently being accepted.

Please note that special orders and custom made jewelry cannot be returned.

We do offer free 30 day returns on all regular purchases from this website.