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  • Handmade Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

    Handmade Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

    The Cushion Cut

    The cushion cut is characterized by its square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. It combines the brilliance of a round cut with the sleek lines of a straighter cut, resulting in a stunning display of brilliance and fire.

    Many people have been gravitating toward this cut for engagement rings because they're so versatile, fitting in with any style from fancy-vintage to sleek and simple.

    Diamond Specifications

    MAKE: Lab-Grown Diamond (Note: Lab-Grown diamonds are 100% chemically and visually identical to those mined in the earth.)

    SHAPE: Cushion Cut

    CARAT WEIGHT: 3.07

    COLOR: E


    CUT GRADE: Excellent


    Ring Details

    STYLE: Cathedral solitaire with a 4 prong claw setting

    METAL TYPE: 18K gold

    TOP WIDTH (Band): 1.9 mm

    BOTTOM WIDTH: 1.9 mm


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